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Welcome to my new Digital Store.

The Store is now open with five items now ready to buy and more to come over the coming weeks. First two items are 2022 Calendars; a Sedgefield 2022 Calendar and a Bird 2022 Calendar; plus, just introduced, a pack of 3 Get Well Cards, a pack of 4 Christmas Cards, both featuring my 'Tim&Tom' characters, plus one of my Hand Made Christmas cards. You can preview the items by visiting the Store page.


Since 2017 I have designed and sold a Sedgefield and a Bird Calendar every year, except for last year due to a combination of unforeseen circumstances. I have also designed, printed and sold a number of prints and greeting cards.


This years calendars have the additon of gloss laminated front and back cover ensuring a longer lasting life and appeal. All pages are of high quality 250gsm with a gloss finish and come within a hardbacked envelope for added protection.

  • Order your Calendar and Cards now by clicking on Store.
  • Most products and Local Customers (see additional info on below & Store Page) includes Free Delivery and delivered within 24hours following order placed during weekdays.
  • Postage provided via Royal Mail.


Most products in store, regardless of where you live in the UK, delivery is free. See Store for details.


Plans are in place to add more products to the store over the coming weeks. These will include:

  • Greeting Cards.
  • 'Get Well Soon' cards .
  • Landscape Prints - with or without frames.
  • Wildlife Prints - with or without frames.
  • Digital downloads offering various art/media related products.


Next year if not sooner the following will be added:

  • 3D Art in Frames.
  • Glass related art.
  • Prints on various houshold accessories.
  • many more items to come.

Please Click on STORE to access current products.

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  • Photographs & film.
  • Digital Art & Design.
  • Digital Downloads.
  • ...... and a whole lot more.


  • Photographs & Wildlife Photography.
  • .... including film.
  • Designing Artwork.
  • Photo restoration.


  • Based in Sedgefield, CoDurham.
  • For further info.
  • for additonal advice Contact Me

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